Sunday, July 3, 2016

Last note by a Broken soul

One last day..

One last day in the name of beginning..

One last day as your love..

One last day where you notice the love..

One last visit to the places where we left those memories afresh..

One last visit to my happy place which captured those moments where I spent thinking About you.. About me.. About being us!!

One last day to show you my world which often revolved around you..
One last day with the cheesecake being shared..

One last day with the lame love stories on your flat screen..

One last day where I let my love out loud..

One last moment where I lay on your shoulder..

One last moment where we laugh together..

One last moment with your cozy blanket wrapped up close..

One last moment where I can happily fall asleep on your heartbeat..

One last time I pray for the pause.. As usual it wouldn't work anyway..
The morning sunrises and I will be away.. I will walk away like nothing ever happened.. Nothing ever came true.. Nothing ever existed!!

In the memories of Nothing my tomorrow begins..

But for the one last day I want you to be mine..

For the one last day I wish everything I ever wanted atleast began so that I can end..
Then I shed One last tear to bookends this tale..

These were written by one of my friend. Sometimes i wonder how words come out so beautifully when you are in pain. Why not words like this when you are happy. Is it just me who finds sad song, or words by broken soul beautiful or is it everyone? Happy songs do make me happy, even the romatic songs. But they dont stay in mind the way sad song or lyrics does.

For happy songs, u dance or express and that's it. For romantic songs, u think of someone while listening to song, be lost for a while and that's it. But sad songs, you feel them, You stay there, You connect to the lyrics. Strange but true.

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